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    Our payment process is easy and safe. First, make the payment and wait in the second step for the instructions, you must fill out the form with the correct information of the problem that your desktop or laptop has.

    You must also provide the necessary information to establish the connection with your device, it's very important to follow each step for a successful service.

    We serve from Monday to Saturday, 24 hours a day. We're available to give you the best service, customer satisfaction is our priority.

    We're a company that's 100% established in the United States of America, we're committed to our trade laws and customer protection. Other companies don't originate from within the country, they might have offices in the USA, but their headquarters are located in other countries. This doesn't represent any kind of security or guarantee for customers. On the other hand, hiring local companies offers you security and better service.

    We don't accept payments through Smartphones, only through computers.

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