Terms & Conditions

    PcsProtech uses remote connection technology for our services, if you agree you can accept the terms of service, or not accept them.


    To make use of our services you must accept the conditions that’re determined as a temporary commitment of service.


    We connect remotely through a software that facilitates the connection from computer to computer through the internet, this facilitates that we take control and make the required changes to maintain your device. From that moment on, you’ll leave everything in hands of the technician. It’s recommended not to use the computer while in the process, except if the technician requests it.


    We are committed to safety and privacy under the highest standards, that’s one of our priorities.


    1. Service contract.

    The service is conditioned to a limited time use of 4 days after making the payment. When the technicians establish a schedule for the service, with agreement from the client, and it’s not used within this time, PCSProtech will NOT be obliged to perform a reimbursement for the expenses that have been caused by non-compliance of the client.

    Also, any breach of the conditions of service will result in the client’s loss to the right of a refund. Some detailed services in our site may be separate and will be subject only to their description, our services may be subject to change without prior notice to modify or suspend them.


    a. Denial of service.

    PCSProtech will have the right to refuse the service when the subscriber's intentions are verified of: violating the privacy policies and the terms and conditions of the service, when there’s intent to fraud, when with the service illegal acts can be performed, and all those that’re contrary to the established norms. These proven actions involve the loss of a refund once the service is started, and the illegal or fraudulent intention is verified.


    2. Privacy policy.

    PCSProtech doesn’t use tools to monitor its customers or marketing, we’re subject and apply privacy policies to protect our customers. The disclosure exception applies to cases subject to the law, in matters that the authorities require and are within the limits allowed.

    By accepting the terms and conditions it’s also understood that you’ve read and understood the privacy policies available at: https://admin.pcsprotech.com


    3. The subscriber authorizes PCSProtech to do the following actions on their computer.

    Make changes in the configuration that the technician considers necessary to improve the functionality and solve problems.

    To delete files that’re affecting or may affect good performance.

    Install programs or utilities for maintenance service purposes.

    To update programs or the operating system


    4. Connection and access.

    To offer services to the computer that requires maintenance, the subscriber must:

    Have access to internet services

    Have administrator rights on the computer

    Have the device prepared according to the instructions of PCSProtech for a correct connection

    Fill out the application form with the correct information of the problems

    If possible, have a backup of the information of the computer

    Failure to provide these conditions or the following necessary conditions for this service is considered a violation of the accepted terms.


    5. Service, guarantees, and quality.

    We offer our service through a software that using the internet, connects directly to your computer. For this you must first download the software that facilitates the connection on your computer, and follow the steps indicated to configure it. It’s recommended that you have a broadband service Internet to facilitate a fluid connection, also disconnect other devices connected to your internet while working on your computer.

    We guarantee an efficient service within the appropriate technical conditions for each case, the appropriate and reasonable corrections will be made to the extent of high-quality standards to restore the functionality of each computer. We don’t guarantee that all corrections are fully functional in all devices depending on hardware factors, viruses with non-detection capacity, or when an operating system is too corrupt. In case of finding problems with the hardware we’ll inform the subscriber of the possible solutions.

    Every service starts with a session and ends at the end of the remote connection session, payments are received only for one service session and no extra charges are made.

    We don’t assume responsibility when the service is delayed due to mayor force activity such as: natural disasters, riots, fires, quarantine of the work site, wars and any other circumstance not caused by us.


    6. Payments.

    Payments will be made through the PCSProtech website, instructions will be received for the appropriate assistance.

    Return of payments policy.

    The cancellation of the service can be done within 4 hours after receiving the full refund of the charge. After 4 hours, an administrative charge of $20 is applied, the returns take 24 hours after the request.

    In the cases of a maintenance initiated by the technician that requires physical assistance due to major damages that can’t be resolved by online means, a diagnostic charge will be made for a cost of $40 and we’ll return the remaining balance.


    7. Application of claims and agreement.

    Any legal claim made will be under current laws and in accordance with the terms and conditions accepted for the provision of the PCSProtech service, the claim will only take effect with the corresponding signature of the parties and within the legal jurisdiction of the United States of America, in the respective principal domicile of our headquarters.


    8. Website information modifications and revisions.

    PCSProtech at its discretion and without prior notice may modify and revise the information on its website to make necessary changes to policies, terms of service, prices and others that’re necessary for its operation.


    9. Claims.

    PCSProtech will receive and analyze all claims within 30 days after the subscriber received the service, after this term, no claims will be received.

    Claims will be received by email and must contain the name of the subscriber, country, city, the information of the payment ticket or operation code, date of payment, day and time of the service and the description of the problem. Without the complete information the request will not be processed and will be returned to the user.


    10. Acceptance of the service and the terms.

    By clicking on “I accept” you have stated that you have read and understood the conditions for this service. Otherwise, do not click.


    How to Contact Us

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Terms & Conditions Agreement related to our website, please feel free to contact us at the following email

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